Vegan Celebrations for Life’s Big Events

Veganism is embraced by many as a lifestyle which tries to abstain from anything which might cause animals to be badly treated. It’s often associated with dietary choices, but can also include avoiding the use of animal-derived products, such as leather.

It makes perfect sense that vegans would therefore want to celebrate major life events in the style in which they live. Depending on the particular milestone, this might impact anything from the choice of caterer, to the materials used in a burial casket.

Fortunately, the range of vegan-friendly options is improving these days. The catering choices especially may well leave your omnivorous guests surprised at how delicious vegan food can be!

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Planning a Woodland and Forest Wedding

A dreamy woodland wedding is a wonderful choice for couples who love the outdoors, and wish to get married surrounded by trees. I’ve acted as a Celebrant for several outdoor weddings in a forest setting and have found that, just like any wedding ceremony, a woodland wedding does require some planning.

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