A Ring by Spring

Spring is just around the corner and it’s such a wonderful time for weddings!

This article is aimed at all you lovely ladies. Hold on a minute all you gorgeous guys and before you start saying I am being sexist let me explain.

Weddings and in particular Spring Weddings, see told you guys it wouldn’t hold your interest.

Spring is just around the corner and it is such a wonderful time of the year for weddings. 

Historically June has been the most popular month for weddings. 

The goddess Juno was the protector of women in all aspects of life but especially in marriage and childbearing. So, a wedding in Juno’s month was at one time considered most auspicious.  

The season itself boasts feelings of rebirth, renewal, growth and excitement the way no other season does. It is the time to say goodbye to winter, welcoming the sun and warmer weather, seeing those daffodils and bluebells come to life welcoming Spring into our lives in all her glory.

The weather is usually nice, not too hot, not too cold, pretty clear skies and those wonderful smells of fresh nature all help in making the Spring season an awesome backdrop for weddings.

However just because it is Spring your Wedding doesn’t have to become that stereotypical Spring affair. 

If flowers aren’t your thing there are many unusual and gorgeous ways to decorate your venue. Try incorporating other natural elements like moss, wheatgrass or fresh herbs. 

These natural details will evoke Spring like lushness without an abundance of petals. Want a little more drama? Try using towering branches of cherry blossom which offer a minimalistic modern vibe letting you use some blossoms without being over taken by petals.

Dreaming of an evening affair then don’t let the season stop you. When most people hear Spring Wedding they usually think of a day time ceremony. This is far from your only option and with the lengthening day, you can opt to wait until sunset or later for your ceremony. However, as with any other season Mother Nature may have a few tricks up her sleeve. Planning ahead and knowing how to deal with these obstacles will keep you and your guests happy and comfortable and ensure your day goes off without any hitches.

To combat chilly evenings have baskets of brightly coloured fleece blankets dotted about for your guests to use. Deal with rain showers by having many umbrellas to match your colour scheme, tied with a ribbon to outdoor seating.

Spring weddings mean hemlines can be shorter, fabrics lighter and dress codes more flexible, even the groom may opt for a lighter coloured suit, the options are endless.

However, for all you beautiful brides, everything and anything goes regardless of the season, remember it is your day – do it your way!