Planning a Woodland and Forest Wedding

A dreamy woodland wedding is a wonderful choice for couples who love the outdoors, and wish to get married surrounded by trees. I’ve acted as a Celebrant for several outdoor weddings in a forest setting and have found that, just like any wedding ceremony, a woodland wedding does require some planning.

Choosing your woodland wedding venue

The forest is a naturally stunning backdrop for a nature themed wedding. Woodland wedding venues can be found across the UK, in rolling parkland with a backdrop of trees, or deep in the woods.

Some National Trust sites host outdoor weddings, as do some forestry areas, or private providers. 

Just like every wedding venue, couples may need to apply for permission to get married in that location. Check that the date you wish to have your ceremony is available, too!

Safety and facilities for forest weddings

It’s worth checking access, as some woodland wedding venues might pose something of a challenge to less mobile guests. Wooded areas can be a lot of fun for children, but also come with a risk of irresistible trees to climb, or streams to splash into.

If you’re using a dedicated wedding venue, discuss what facilities are (or can be!) available for an outdoor ceremony and woodland reception. Most dedicated forest wedding venues will be well prepared, and accommodating of the individual needs of each couple.

Shelter for your outdoor woodland wedding

Getting married or hosting a wedding reception outdoors usually means having a contingency plan in case the weather turns. Shelter will be needed whether there is hot sunshine or heavy rain.

If it does rain, check what sort of surfacing or platforms are used throughout the venue to avoid getting bogged down in mud! Footwear too, both for wedding party and guests, might need consideration, and advice included on the wedding invitation. 

A truly bespoke wedding ceremony

Getting married in the woods can be such a liberating experience, with the sound of birdsong, and the freedom to plan a truly bespoke wedding.

As a Celebrant I can work with you to help plan a woodland ceremony which is unique to you and your partner.

Tell suppliers about your woodland venue

Be aware that some suppliers, such as caterers, might not be able to support your outdoor wedding venue. There might be difficulties with access, or facilities for the preparation of food.

Most wedding suppliers these days are well practiced with providing for all sorts of ceremonies and receptions, but it’s always worth mentioning well in advance.

I’m always happy to talk through any ideas or questions you and your partner might have. If you would like to learn more about Celebrant-led woodland weddings, just let me know.