Pros and Cons to Having Your Wedding in the Summer

Have you picked a date yet? This will be one of the first questions you'll be asked after announcing your engagement. This is such an exciting time with lots to organise, from dates and venues to dresses and suits.

Summer is a popular time to get married, no doubt about that. You can see why. Here is a list of the top reasons to have your wedding in the summer:

You won’t be freezing

Wedding dresses or even suits aren’t exactly built with thermals in mind so you can get very chilly, especially if you’re posing for pictures outside.

If you do go for a summer wedding, try to find a dress with lightweight, breathable material that will help you to keep cool even if you don’t feel it. For those wearing suits, a lighter coloured suit will help you keep cool.

The weather is more consistent

While weather in the UK can be a bit all over the place, the most consistency you’ll find is in summer. Spring is a popular wedding time also, but it can be a mix of sunshine one minute and heavy rain and wind the next. The weather in April last year was sunny, this year it was still icy.

Weddings in the winter could face disruptive weather like this year's snow storms. While wedding photos in the snow can look fantastic, disruptions to transport can make it difficult for some guest to attend.

Outdoor options

Lots of people like to host their weddings outdoors and the summer is the perfect time for this for the reasons above. You could pick a patio reception or one overlooking the sea, without having to worry too much about rain. Just make sure there's enough shade provided as well.

Longer days

With daylight stretching long into the evening, a wedding in the summer can take advantage of good light for photos. There will also be less of a rush to get everything done before the sun sets, so you won’t have to have your wedding so early if you’d prefer not to.

Easier for guests to attend

Many people will be taking time off during the summer. For guests who have children, the summer months are ideal as they will be off anyway to attend.

Flower options

If you want to incorporate flowers into your wedding as decoration or for the bouquet, then the summer months will offer you the best variety of fresh flowers.

The mood is up

Lighter days and warm weather have a way of lifting everyone’s moods. Having your big day in the summer months where everyone’s feeling a bit brighter is a great way to start the celebrations.

The downsides to summer weddings

While it’s a wonderful time to get married, you’ll no doubt want to know if there are any downsides so you can prepare for them. Here are some cons to having your big day in the sunshine.


While the photos can be stunning, bright sunlight naturally causes us to squint. Sunglasses on the happy couple may look a bit out of place, so make sure you’re wary of squinting in photos that could look less than flattering. A professional photographer should be able to help you with this if they're used to doing summer shots.

It might coincide with booked holidays

Make sure you give all your guests plenty of warning. Summer is often when people book holidays, particularly those with kids. As summer holidays are expensive, many will opt to book them well in advance, so bear this in mind if you want a summer wedding.

It’s a competitive time of year

As it’s such a popular time of year, you’re going to be competing with tons of other couples for the best venues, wedding planners, caterers and so on.

It’s expensive

Following on from the previous point, as it’s popular, this also drives the price of everything up. Weddings are already expensive but it could end up costing you a small fortune, even if you book everything well in advance.

Uncomfortable heat

The last thing you want is to be sweating in all your photos. All that hard work going into preparing hair and make-up might go to waste in humid weather. Shade and breathable wedding clothes will be your best friends here.

Hot weather could also make guests uncomfortable and distracted. If you do plan a wedding in the summer, try not to book it for the hottest part of the day, especially if it's outdoors. Go for early morning or evening instead.

So there you have it, the pros and cons of having a wedding in the summer. It's a fantastic time of year to get married but it's well worth preparing for the downsides too.

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