Vegan Celebrations for Life’s Big Events

Veganism is embraced by many as a lifestyle which tries to abstain from anything which might cause animals to be badly treated. It’s often associated with dietary choices, but can also include avoiding the use of animal-derived products, such as leather.

It makes perfect sense that vegans would therefore want to celebrate major life events in the style in which they live. Depending on the particular milestone, this might impact anything from the choice of caterer, to the materials used in a burial casket.

Fortunately, the range of vegan-friendly options is improving these days. The catering choices especially may well leave your omnivorous guests surprised at how delicious vegan food can be!

A celebrant’s insight into vegan event planning

Acting as a Celebrant has permitted me a terrific view of the unique ways in which every type of occasion can be marked. I take great pleasure in working closely with people, and in helping tell their stories or those of loved ones.

I feel it’s important that people are able to celebrate or commemorate in a way which honours their real life. As a result, I take pleasure in the growing diversity of products and services available which support this.

Veganism is one such area which has seen an increase in understanding in recent years. Couples who have, in the past, struggled to find a venue able to support their particular ethics, may find these discussions easier. It’s something which has reached into every part of life, even the availability of materials from which to make burial caskets.

As varied as life is, some considerations seem to be common to all types of event.

Inviting participation at your (vegan) celebration

If you live according to particular set of beliefs, and are planning an event reflective of this, you might be wondering about your guests. When planning a ceremony incorporating your veganism, it’s for you to decide the extent to which you would like attendees to participate.

Passionately ethical vegans may be delighted for guests to embrace a no-leather dress code, for example.

If you’re planning a vegan wedding or celebration, it’s entirely up to you to decide the extent to which you would like attendees to participate. It’s important to communicate your wishes, though don’t be surprised if some guests are resistant. Think of it as an opportunity to showcase the positive aspect of your vegan lifestyle!

Choosing a vegan venue or location

Though your dream venue or location might not explicitly state that they offer a service appropriate for vegans, it’s always well worth asking. It might be that you’re their first fully-vegan event and may need your support in getting things right.

Some venues or locations might be reluctant to operate outside of their ‘package’ if makes costing everything difficult. As such, you may end up with a specific list of suppliers, such as caterers, to choose from for each particular aspect. If you feel comfortable with approaching each individually then it might be possible to arrange the vegan ceremony that you’re hoping for.

Some locations have legal constraints which can’t be negotiated on. For example, burial grounds must be registered for Health and Safety reasons. It might also help to avoid any awkward conversations with the authorities.

Be sure to confirm the provision in writing, especially before paying a deposit. If booking well in advance, ensure there is a clause which releases you from the agreement (and returns your deposit) in the event of policy changes on their part.

Vegan friendly ceremony extras

The ‘extras’ of your service might include an order of service, place settings, or keepsakes. Sometimes sourcing vegan products forces a decision to be made between shipping something at distance, and using materials already available. For example, procuring hemp tablecloths, versus the polyester mix laundered and reused by the venue hosts. Sometimes you may find yourself able to reconcile choices against sustainability.

Whatever your requirements, I can act as your Celebrant and help you design a ceremony which reflects your personal choices. Please do contact me for any ideas or questions you might like to discuss.

If your vegan lifestyle is driven by a love of nature, you might also like to learn more about my experiences of acting as Celebrant at woodland weddings, held in romantic forest settings such as Orrell Hill Woods.