What Happened to Fizz Friday?

Friday means only one thing to me and that is a glass of fizz with friends. However just recently my Friday plans were put on hold. I received a phone call at about 5pm from a somewhat distressed groom asking could I help out with their wedding ceremony as they had been let down just that afternoon.

I of course said yes, when is it? Tomorrow at 1pm he replied!

I had been going to attend a playoff match at Tranmere but that paled into insignificance at this request to help.

Well as I am never one to be fazed I set about putting the wheels in motion to find out as much about the soon to be happy couple as I could.

I sent them a questionnaire that I usually fill out when I meet a couple at one of my face-to-face meetings.

They duly completed the questionnaire and emailed it back to me at about 8.30pm, a quick phone call to clarify a couple of points and a session at the laptop took me late into the night.

It was a lovely story of how they met that brought a smile to my face as I typed it and I hoped against hope it would do the same for them and their guests their next day.

I emailed the completed ceremony to them and waited with fingers crossed hoping they would love it as much as I had whilst writing it.

An email pinged into my inbox and yes, they loved it!

As I conducted the ceremony the next day there was laughter and tears at the poignancy of their life thus far and hopes and dreams shared for their future together.

This is just one of many lovely comments I received following the ceremony:
“That was such a personal, beautifully written and delivered wedding ceremony, it really told their story”.

If you would like a unique, personal and bespoke ceremony for your wedding, please get in touch with perhaps just a little more notice!