Wishing You All A Happy New Year!

Happy New Year is just one way of wishing someone a positive year ahead.

However you say it, this is a time when complete strangers wish each other the best of luck and I often think it is a pity we don’t continue this all year through.

Obviously, I don’t mean that we wish each other Happy New Year in the middle of June that would be just too weird but the sentiments we wish each other is something that would be good to carry on throughout the year.

How often in this fast-paced life we live in do we simply forget to greet those we meet with a smile and a greeting.

Today as I was on my way to the bank after ten minutes of trying to find a car parking space a car slowed down beside me and I actually thought please don’t ask me for directions I just don’t have the time.

The gentleman behind the wheel opened the passenger window of his car and I realised that it was a gentleman I had met when I conducted his wife’s funeral last month.

He asked me was I as stressed as I looked, I thought for a moment and realised that I had been mentally thinking of all the things I had to do today. I told him what I had been doing and he laughed and said I was lucky to be able to do things as since the love of his life who he had been married to for fifty years had passed away he had nothing to do and he struggled to fill his days.

I asked did he have time for a coffee?  After all the bank will be there tomorrow.

We went for a coffee and had a lovely chat about Christmas’s he had spent with his family over the years as we parted he gave me a hug and commented how much better I looked so less stressed he said.

He wished me a Happy New Year as I did him and I realised something that I had forgotten it is people, those we love and care for that make this season what it is.

I hope you all have a fantastic New Year, full of great times with those you love.