Celebrating Life by Planning for Death: Are We Ready for Dying Matters Awareness Week?

Dying Matters Awareness Week 2019 runs 13th – 19th May. Every year it’s a reminder to reflect on our ability to deal with death and bereavement. Unsurprisingly, it’s a subject most of us try to avoid. The concept of a world where we’re not is difficult to process, and the thought of loved ones not being with us is heart wrenching.

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Coming to the UK from Overseas For A Celebrant Wedding Ceremony

Getting married can be a major milestone in your life, full of meaning and emotion. Sometimes planning the actual celebration of marriage can get chaotic with endless details suddenly taking on a new importance. If you are overseas and want to marry or celebrate a marriage in the UK, taking care of the logistics can seem overwhelming.

I get a lot of enquiries from people who live in Australia and want to either get married in the UK, or have already married overseas and now wish to celebrate with a UK ceremony for friends and family. Below are typical questions asked by people who live abroad and wish to celebrate their marriage in the UK.

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What is a Civil Celebrant? Frequently Asked Questions

A civil celebrant will offer a ceremony for every stage of life. From performing naming ceremonies, funerals, weddings or renewal of vows, they can also help to shape your ceremony into something that’s far more reflective of you or your loved one.

Here’s some of the more frequently asked questions of Civil Celebrants.

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