Wishing You All A Happy New Year!

Happy New Year is just one way of wishing someone a positive year ahead.

However you say it, this is a time when complete strangers wish each other the best of luck and I often think it is a pity we don’t continue this all year through.

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“What A Wonderful World”

Music is such a powerful thing. A song can change your mood, make a memory and just one song can change your life. A quote from Kent Moran.

I was sitting writing with Radio 2 on in the background I don’t really listen to it, it’s just on but What A Wonderful World sung by Louis Armstrong broke through my thoughts.

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What Happened to Fizz Friday?

Friday means only one thing to me and that is a glass of fizz with friends. However just recently my Friday plans were put on hold. I received a phone call at about 5pm from a somewhat distressed groom asking could I help out with their wedding ceremony as they had been let down just that afternoon.

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