Divorce Ceremonies

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Divorce can be one of the most difficult times for a couple, cited as being in the top five most stressful situations you can experience in your life. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Couples use Divorce Ceremonies to heal and accept their differences, taking part in an amicable service to find solace in their parting.

Similar to how you’d celebrate a wedding, the divorce ceremony celebrates a mutual parting, which ties unresolved differences up neatly, so that divorcees can happily move on with the next part of their lives.

For after the legal part is out of the way, an uplifting service can play a key part in rechannelling feelings of self-blame, hurt and guilt, gearing your headspace towards acceptance.


A Divorce Ceremony marks a new beginning

The cathartic process smoothly transitions you into your next chapter, single life, and can involve the two of you, just yourself, or friends and family. As divorces often affect the bigger picture, the tendency is to invite your entire congregation, so that everyone involved can heal collectively. The service is also a great way to reassure and put your children’s wellbeing at ease, making your divorce as least unpleasant as possible for your little ones.

The service marks as a symbolic celebration, and draws a line under the negativity that once existed in your previous relationship. It encourages all parties to no longer mourn, but to excitedly revel in the future ahead.

A spiritual service; a rite of passage from one way of life to another. Divorce Ceremonies for many are rewarding, momentous experiences.