Milestone Birthdays

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Birthdays come and go every year, but there’s something to be said for celebrating those big milestones in your life.

Whether it’s hitting double figures at 10 years old, finally becoming an adult or hitting the big 50 - what better way to mark the occasion than with a special ceremony?

Incorporating a special ceremony into your birthday celebrations is a great way to make the day truly memorable and unique.

Milestone birthdays aren’t just for those hitting 18 or 21. You can mark the occasion at any age you wish with a ceremony. Scared of hitting a certain age? Approach it with a bit of fun instead and mark the occasion in your own way.


Make it personalised

The best thing about milestone birthdays is that you’re absolutely free to personalise the whole thing. There are no formalities, expectations or even traditions to uphold. You can plan a ceremony that suits the person in question as much as you want.

You can include anything you want, be it your favourite music, poem recitals or balloon releases.

If the birthday person has a special interest or hobby, you can plan a ceremony around a particular theme that best represents them. By doing this, you ensure that your ceremony is unique and personal.

Stuck on a theme? Try a decade’s theme by celebrating the decade they were born. Born in the 60s? Host a 60s themed party or disco to do something a bit different. The only limit is your imagination!

Interested in planning a milestone birthday? Jeanette can help you plan a truly unique ceremony that will leave a lasting impression and plenty of happy memories. Get in contact today to get the plan in motion.