Naming Ceremonies

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The prospect of a new child joining your family circle is a momentous occasion, which requires a special service.

However, many parents are often unsure of how to celebrate, put off by religious ceremonies, that aren’t relevant to their personal beliefs. This is why a Naming Ceremony is a fantastic alternative that can take place post-birth, adoption or marriage.

Naming Ceremonies are special because they provide all parents who’ve assumed new parenting roles through new relationships or legal services, with a celebration. 


Your Naming Ceremony can be held anywhere

Jeanette, an experienced, civil service celebrant, understands that children can take differently to public displays and offers flexibility and support to cater for all celebrations. Throughout the naming ceremony, parents are given full creative control of decorations, food, vows, music, venue, guests, and guide parents, making for a tailored, meaningful service, personal to them.

And Jeanette is on hand during the entire process to assist with all aspects of the ceremony if required, including creating bespoke vows, poetry and prose readings.

The service is not legally-binding, but a personalised, informal celebration, that can be held anywhere, involving those closest.

A non-religious alternative to god-parents, organisers are influenced to instate guide parents as guardians who will care for their child in the future. This humanist approach, binds your child to your loved ones not through religion, but through promise.

Jeanette also delivers naming ceremonies during re-marriages, or marriage ceremonies, to lovingly include children on such a significant occasion, where two families become one.

A naming ceremony binds families together through a loving display, where parents can celebrate their love for their children in a service that is personal to them.