Living Funerals

Celebrating a life lived, with living funerals

Celebrating a life lived, with a living funeral

Every death is a painful tragedy. Our grief is often made worse when we leave the funeral thinking “I wish I had told her how special she was to me while she was alive”.

What is a living funeral?

A living funeral gives you the opportunity to do just that. Sometimes called a ‘pre-funeral’, living funerals take place whilst the person is still alive. They are a way for those near the end of life, such as a terminally ill patient, to connect and celebrate with their loved ones.

Why have a living funeral?

Rather than mourn the death of a loved one after the fact, celebrate their life while they are still around. Any funeral may be difficult to contemplate, especially if it is your own. A living funeral is an opportunity to bask in the love of family and friends.

It’s about spending time with those with whom you have shared your life with. It gives you the opportunity to share your love and appreciation for those who have been important to you in your life.

It is a time to forgive and forget, and leave your loved ones with a feeling of peace after you have left them, a true celebration of the life lived.

How can a celebrant help?

You might wish to have someone provide a bespoke reading at your living funeral, or perform ceremonial actions. A celebrant will talk through everything you wish to include, and write up a truly unique reading which reflects you and your life.