Memorial Services and Anniversaries

remembering loved ones with memorial services and anniversaries

Remembering your loved one with a celebrant led memorial service

A memorial service can take place at any time after the death of your loved one. They can also take place at any venue of your choice.

What’s the difference between a memorial service and a funeral?

A memorial service is very similar to a funeral, except that the body is not present. This might be because the deceased chose to donate their body for medical research, for example.

A memorial service might also be held for a larger gathering of family and friends, following a smaller, more intimate funeral service and burial. It may also be conducted to include the scattering of their ashes at their favourite place.

Planning a memorial service

A memorial service if an opportunity for everyone to come together and remember their loved one. This might be through shared stories, readings, music, or a combination.

As your celebrant, we will discuss what you wish to gain from holding a memorial service, and compose a truly unique reading. This will reflect on the life of your loved one, celebrating and honouring their memory.

You might wish to include more ceremonial aspects, such as lighting candles during a specific part of the service.