Scattering Ashes

Scattering Ashes

Scattering a loved one’s ashes is often a time of complicated emotions, offering a sense of resolution tempered with sadness. It is an act of great significance, which some choose to mark with an ash scattering ceremony.

Ash scattering ceremonies

Any ceremony can be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate a life, and a ceremony to scatter ashes is no different. It is entirely up to you and your family how best to commemorate your loved one. A ceremony to scatter their ashes will be meaningful and full of memories, showing how much they were loved.  

The ceremony can be exactly what you need it to be, perhaps including songs, readings, and the sharing of memories. What is important, is that your loved one gets the send-off they rightly deserve.

A place to scatter ashes

The scattering of a loved one's ashes in a place they held dear can often bring solace to those they leave behind. It is a place to revisit, feel close to them, and simply remember. 

If planning to scatter ashes on private land, the landowner’s permission will be needed. Ashes may be scattered at a single location, or across multiple places. It is a decision restricted only by personal preferences, or final wishes.

Comforting words for scattering ashes

You may wish to say a few words yourself, or have someone speak on your behalf. If that is the case, then perhaps you might take inspiration from some of the often shared Words of Comfort.

Into the freedom of wind and sunshine

We let you go.

Into the dance of stars and planets

We let you go.

Into the wind’s breath and the hands of the star maker

We let you go.

We love you, we miss you, we want you to be happy

Go safely, go running home.