Unity Candle Ceremonies

celebrating a marriage union with a unity candle ceremony


Symbolise unity, with a unique Unity Candle ceremony

When you get married, you and your partner might decide to incorporate the symbolic lighting of a Unity Candle.

What is a Unity Candle lighting ceremony?

Lighting a Unity Candle is a ritual which represents your lives being joined together. Just as it is impossible to split the flame, neither is it possible to split your love for each other.
It often takes place during wedding or civil marriage ceremonies, but can also feature in engagement celebrations, or when renewing vows.

At what point of the ceremony should a Unity Candle be lit?

The Unity Candle can be lit at any point of the marriage ceremony, or other celebration. Often the ceremonious lighting takes place after the rings are exchanged, to symbolise the joining together of partners.

How does a Unity Candle ceremony work?

The two partners each light their own, smaller candles, using the flames from these to light a larger candle. This could be accompanied by a reading, or performed whilst music plays.

Some couples choose to have additional tea lights, which guests can light from the main flame of the Unity candle.

Anniversaries and Unity Candles

Your Unity Candle doesn't just have to be for the ceremony! Many couples keep their candle, and light it for a short time each anniversary. It’s a wonderful way to remember that special celebration, and to continue marking your love.