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A beautiful, unique ceremony, dedicated to your loved one, and celebrating the life that they lived.

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Funeral Ceremonies

Jeanette conducts end of life ceremonies that are guided by the wishes, values and beliefs of the family and their loved one. The ceremony can include religious elements or none at all.

Jeanette will meet with family and friends to give them the opportunity to share their memories. She will then write a truly unique, memorable and beautiful tribute to celebrate and remember the life, lived.

Ash Scattering Ceremonies

Any ceremony can be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate a life, and a ceremony to scatter ashes is no different. It is entirely up to you and your family how best to commemorate your loved one. A ceremony to scatter their ashes will be meaningful and full of memories, showing how much they were loved.

The ceremony can be exactly what you need it to be, perhaps including songs, readings, and the sharing of memories. What is important, is that your loved one gets the send-off they rightly deserve.

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Memorial Services

A memorial service is very similar to a funeral, except that the body is not present. This might be because the deceased chose to donate their body for medical research, for example.

A memorial service might also be held for a larger gathering of family and friends, following a smaller, more intimate funeral service and burial. It may also be conducted to include the scattering of their ashes at their favourite place.

{On behalf of myself and the family I would like to thank you for the wonderful service that you delivered for mum yesterday.
{Such a difficult time, but made easier by a nice send off, a true celebration of her life.

Thanks for the lovely service to celebrate Ged’s life, it was perfect in every way. As you can appreciate, it was an extremely emotional day but as everyone said to me, it was a beautiful service and Ged would have been proud.


Thank you so much for today it was such a beautiful service really was my mum to a T! Sad but so proud thank you once again.

{Jeanette is an excellent and professional celebrant with the skills to portray relationships and celebrate lives with her carefully crafted words.
{Your sincere words brought us great comfort at this very sad time. Everybody commented on what a beautiful service it was, and what a lovely person you are.
{Thank you for the lovely service, for taking the time to try and understand what someone who you have never met was really like, and most of all for having a sense of humour.
{You delivered the life story perfectly, with both respect and humour. Your confidence was amazing, our friends said that they were hanging on every word.
{I just wanted to write to thank you for the lovely service yesterday for Mum, you captured it perfectly.
{A special mention should go to Jeanette Roberts who conducted the service for us. She pitched it perfectly and I'll forever be indebted to her for furnishing me with a happy final memory of my Dad.